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THE APPLE IS EVERYTHING Box of 12 including a unique signed drawing

THE APPLE IS EVERYTHING Box of 12 including a unique signed drawing

Barnaby's artist book explores the significance of 'The Apple' throughout human history. Over 240 images revealing and celebrating the humble fruit’s unassailable position in our shared imagination.

A unique signed 'Apple drawing' by Barnaby Barford included with the box of 12 books.

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In mythology, art history and religious iconography, the apple has been imbued with every imaginable human desire. It has been a symbol of love, beauty, of immortality, death and poison, of temptation, sin and even redemption. From Adam and Eve to the trials of Heracles, to the art of Cézanne and Magritte, to Newton’s theory of gravity, the death of Alan Turing and the growth of Steve Jobs, the apple resonates throughout our collective culture. It is Snow White, William Tell, it is The Beatles and the Viking gods, it is even the American frontier.

Now, Barnaby Barford offers a celebration of this fruit, exploring its impact on the history of humankind. The Apple has become a recent feature of Barford’s eye-catching installations, whether ripe and healthy or in a state of decay. The Apple is Everything guides the reader through Barford’s work and ideology.


Publisher ACC Art Books



Size 235 mm x 165 mm

288 Pages

246 colour illustrations


Publishing 21st October 2022

Shipping w/c 24th October

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